Trekking in Positano


Sentiero degli Dei, trekking between sky and sea

May 3, 2018

When you say “Positano”, you imagine seaside, sun, walks through the city centre and some shopping in fashion boutiques. It is so, but our land offers uncountable pleasures. One of the most loved by us at Palazzo Murat – we love all the territory as our home, and in fact it is – is trekking.

In the surrounding of Positano, you can immerse yourself in wild nature of the Mediterranean scrub – when you need some other apart our garden – and recharge your energies, following paths in between land and sky, with a more wonderful view every step to take. Or every race, as the hotel manager of Palazzo Murat prefers: he is a running lovers and always tries to involve the guests in this open-air sport.

Running with the manager

Vito Attanasio himself, our manager, recently retraced one of the most suggestive itinerary in the surroundings, with the activity “Running with the manager”, when he participated together some of our guests. It was the legendary Sentiero degli dei (Path of the Gods), an excursion we strongly suggest you, especially if you just fell in love with our coast landscapes. The Path of the Gods is an unmissable stop for those passionate about trekking, but it is quite easy to follow also for beginners. And, above all, the view you can enjoy from the top repay you all the efforts: the name itself is a prelude of idyllic settings. The whole path is about 8 km and it joins the location of Bomerano and Nocelle, the most ancient part of Positano. The itinerary leads to a sea area where – according to local legends – sirens used to live: from there it comes the name “of Gods.

A dream excursion

In the point of the close embrace of sea and sky, there your excursion starts: avoid the hottest days and don not forget comfortable shoes. Walk along the path, well-marked, and abandon yourself to the absolute peace of the atmosphere. From time to time, stop and open your eyes how far they can go: the Mediterranean scrub alternates with the glittering blue sea and the unmistakable landscapes of Amalfi Coast. Here, colours change suddenly, according to light, painting frescoes of indescribable beauty. At a certain point of the route, beneath your feet you will see Praiano, a suggestive bay of Amalfi coast where the sun shines for more hours than in other places. As it chose this magical setting as its beloved shelter. In the last part of the Path of the Gods, you will be between bushes of myrtle, sacred to the gods and especially to Venus, who used to hide herself among the plants to escape the satyrs of the woods.

Unforgettable memories of a heavenly experience

In about two hours, between dream, nature and legend you will be in Nocelle, where your trekking excursion ends. Coming back to Palazzo Murat Hotel, you will not feel fatigue thanks to the indelible memory of tour walk on Mount Olympus. Do not be sad: when you will feel nostalgic of those landscapes, come back to us and join Running with the manager with our hotel manager along the Path of the Gods.

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