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Paradise on earth

Donna Carmela’s garden

“Palazzo Murat” is tucked away in “Donna Carmela’s” botanical garden, the “green heart” of the palace, and will be the ideal place for those of you who simply want to enjoy some peace and quiet. If you do want to liven up your day though, and experience all the vitality of Positano, all you have to do is step outside the hotel and take a walk around the town.

The garden was Donna Carmela Attanasio’s passion and especially treasured rare plants like the beautiful hundred-year-old buganvillea, the bignonia, the Washingtonia and frangipane, that all fill the solarium and patio with their scents.

For breakfast, we will serve you fresh marmalade made with the fruits of our garden’s blooming mandarin, lemon and grapefruit trees while the roses, hortensia and hibiscus are freshly picked to decorate your rooms on special occasions.

Every minute spent at this hotel was incredible. Drinks at sunset, dinner in Michelin restaurant, amazing views, beautiful room all made this an unforgettable experience! (JanetSyd, TripAdvisor)

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