Palazzo Murat among Top 25 Hotels in Italy according TripAdvisor

March 1, 2018

A successful hotel is recognizable by its numbers – right – but especially by emotions and voices that is all special moments given to its guests.

At Palazzo Murat, we do not care everyday about turnover, but about hospitality, in the most authentic sense of the word. The same that convinced the king of Naples to take refuge among these warm walls anytime he needed an oasis of peace.

From the stays at Palazzo Murat – of tireless travellers, relax lovers, newcomers or loyal guests after many years with us – we get the greatest satisfactions. Satisfactions resulting in reviews too, full of enthusiasm, gratitude and unforgettable moments spent in our hotel. Pieces of memories stuck in the reviews collected on TripAdvisor, leader subject for travel choices in Italy. Just Tripadvisor, thanks to the number of reviews and the high level of our guests’ satisfaction, gave us the Travelers’ Choice award for 2018.


An important recognition, which allows Palazzo Murat to get into the Top 25 Best Hotels in Italy. Such these acknowledgements are worthy of a noble residence…and, in fact, our hotel has a royal past and – we hope – an equally illustrious present.

Why have we such a high ranking on TripAdvisor? We owe it to our guests, the reason why we stand up in the morning and the last worry at the end of the day. Careful hospitality, elegant and fine furnished spaces, the dream garden, the dishes of our Restaurant Al Palazzo: these are some of the elements you can easily find in the reviews of those who stayed with us at Positano.

The fascination of the historical residence and the soul of Gioacchino Murat among these walls, of course, represent notable appeals. However, we guess we earned a great part of this award with our true smiles and quality services, tailored for your needs. Leaving apart the single elements, the final result is important and we would like to thank every guest who spent positive words on his or her stay at Palazzo Murat.


Such joy gives us the right impulse to keep on doing our best every day, for you.