Luxury Hotel in Positano - Garden Palazzo Murat


The secret enchantment of the garden Donna Carmela

June 5, 2018

The Hotel Palazzo Murat is the perfect place to stay in Positano thanks to its many unique features: atmosphere, elegance, architecture, a noble past and an informal yet smart hospitality. But there is something more: every corner of the Palace hides fascinating stories, that blend tradition and magic.

Our garden is the right example: enchanting ambience and authentic Positano style. When you step into “Donna Carmela” Garden you feel like time has gone while you are wrapped by an irresistible charm.

Most of the beauty of this garden is due to the caring attention of our grandmother Donna Carmela. Thanks to her passion and her innate green thumb, we can enjoy this quiet oasis still today. A refined haven far from hustle and bustle of the city center, where you can relax under the grapefruit and tangerine plants on the pergola, feeling the subtle citrus perfume that expands all around you.

In order to give you the chance to enjoy this everlasting beauty and colors, we still maintain Donna Carmela’s roses, hydrangeas and hibiscus. Such a great heritage could not go wasted, so Marilù Attanasio, the youngest of Donna Carmela’s daughters, takes care of the garden with the same passion and love.

This feeling of being in an Eden nestled in Positano will stay with you all along your stay in Palazzo Murat.

When you come back from the beach or an excursion on the coast, you can sit in your private balcony and let the 100-year-old fuchsia bougainvillea frame your peaceful moments.

The morning breakfast is served into the green scenery, with a selection of fresh products and Donna Carmela citrus fruits, and when the sun goes down and give its last romantic rays, you can sit for dinner at the Ristorante Al Palazzo. Enjoy its refined cuisine on the open-air tables, for a candle-light dinner surrounded by our enchanted garden.

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