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A Positano Wedding like no other

August 8, 2018

Palazzo Murat is imbued with the love stories of thousands of travelers coming here from all around the world.

Some of them come here to let a diamond ring slip on our restaurant table under the moonlight in order to make an unattended and romantic proposal. Some arrive right after the wedding, to find an intimate and secluded Positano haven to spend the very first days as husband and wife.

But most of all, couples come here to celebrate the most amazing Positano wedding ever.

In fact, the English magazine Elle listed Positano and the Amalfi coast in the top 5 places to get married in Mediterranean countries, and noblemen and VIPs come here every year to get married and live that most sought-after daydream.


Palazzo Murat: an astonishing wedding location in the very heart of Positano

Weddings are an important side of our history, but Palazzo Murat is not an ordinary wedding location in Positano: the quietness of our secret gardens; the unmatchable view over the Church of Assunta; that magical scent of greenery and cedars that you cannot find anywhere else. All these elements concur to create an extraordinary atmosphere.

Our wedding spaces are unique:

  • The garden and the panoramic pool overlooking the multicolored houses of the town;
  • The courtyard and the Al Palazzo Restaurant, for the aperitif and the open-air dinner, reserved up to 60 guests;
  • The suites and rooms offering a relaxing view over the sea or the garden for the bride, the groom and the wedding guests

Hotel con piscina Positano


The bride and the groom, first of all

Obviously we take care of every single detail of the wedding, but most of all, we take care of the bride and groom. We like to spoil them, to listen to their dreams, to meet their preferences without being intrusive.

Our philosophy is to help you organize every moment of your wedding in Positano, just as you like.

Positano Wedding | Matrimonio Positano


Gourmet cuisine

For your wedding dinner or lunch, Palazzo Murat offers the exquisite cuisine of the Restaurant Al Palazzo. The chef will help you craft the perfect menu for your guests and you will create together the perfect wedding cake, with fresh fruits, a cascade of chocolate, a mousse of fine cream. There is nothing we can’t do.

The dishes of our restaurant will be a real surprise for your guests because we only use local fresh ingredients, as the cedars and the herbs from our private botanic garden; the fresh fish and meat of our territory; unique products like the mozzarella of the Lattari Mountains and the cicerchie of Cilento. Our chef can create traditional yet really innovative and creative dishes.



We will celebrate with you the most beautiful Positano wedding you can imagine.


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