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Al Palazzo: the most romantic restaurant in Positano

October 26, 2018

Food and good wine have always been real love boosters. Smiles and loving looks are exchanged over the dishes. Marriage proposals and engagement rings often happen on the wonderful tables of the restaurants of Positano.

Here at the Positano restaurant Al Palazzo we perfectly know it. In the evening, when the sun goes down on the majolica dome of the Church of the Assumption and the air becomes sparkling, in the courtyard of Palazzo Murat candles and lanterns light up. The lemons of the garden shine in the light of the moon, and delicate Mediterranean scents spread around, and the couples, surrounded by the green of the garden away from the hustle and bustle of the main street, finally relax and enjoy some time to spend together.

It is no surprise that the Michelin Guide inspectors write that our restaurant in Positano is “a little corner of paradise”.

By candlelight, everything is simpler. The atmosphere is intimate and even if there are other people at the nearby tables, here at Al Palazzo it feels like you are alone. Our waiters are trained to offer an excellent service without being intrusive or excessive.

In many years of activity, we have witnessed wedding proposals, special birthdays, anniversaries and romantic recurrences and the evening has always ended with pleasant toasts and tears of joy.

For this reason, among the restaurants of Positano, Al Palazzo is considered the preferred choice for those who want to organize a romantic evening or a surprise for the beloved one. It is indeed an honor for us to contribute to the happiness of so many couples from all over the world.

Would you like to organize something special for those you love at the Ristorante Al Palazzo in Positano? Contact our staff and we will help you plan the evening as you wish.

Al Palazzo Restaurant – Positano
Address: 84017 Positano SA
Phone: 089 875177