November in Positano - November in Amalfi Coast


November in Positano: chestnuts and precious wines

November 14, 2018

Finally, Autumn has reached Amalfi Coast. Our seaside villages show the typical glittering shades of red and orange. The air is sparkling; the beaches have become an intimate pleasure for a few.

Spending November in Positano is the right opportunity to go hunting for the best autumnal food and wine of Campania.

First, pay a visit to the towns of the chestnuts, such as Tramonti and above all Scala, which dedicates a special fair to the chestnut every year. Taste the roasted chestnuts while the boys of the village compete in ancient forgotten games, such as tug of war, the race with the bags, the race with donkeys and folk dances.

In the evening, the food and wine stands will open and I promise you, you will leave with bags full of delicious local products and liqueurs.

Above all, November in Positano has the color and the taste of the wines of Campania.

Many are the typical vines of these lands, some more widespread, others almost disappeared. The Ginestra, renowned between Amalfi and Ravello, offers fragrant and intense white wines, which recall the smell of broom. The Pepella, Ripolo and Fenile are among the rarest and least known white vines.

Among the red vines you will meet the Piedirosso, with its limited production mainly spread near Naples, the Scascinoso, robust and strong, the Tintore typical of Tramonti, and Aglianico, perhaps the most widespread and known grape variety in our region, very used for the production of rosé wines.

If you want to shop and bring home the best wines of Campania 2019, read the advices of the prestigious Italian Guida del Gambero Rosso, which has just awarded the best wines of Italy with its Three Glasses, some of which are produced right on the Amalfi Coast:

  • Amalfi Coast Furore Bianco Fiorduva ’17 – Marisa Cuomo
  • Amalfi Coast Ravello Bianco Selva delle Monache ’17 – Ettore Sammarco