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Art in Winter: the Van Gogh exhibition in Salerno

January 2, 2019

Winter on the Amalfi Coast is a poetic season: the beaches are silent temples, the wind tickles the sea, raising waves that break ashore. Noisy and silent.

The pleasant walks on the shoreline and the long sun baths are a blurred memory, just promises postponed until next summer.

That’s why, in winter months, we appreciate different pleasures, made of art, culture, flavours and traditions. The museums and monumental churches become places of pilgrimage for tourists and locals eager to rediscover the beauties of our amazing land. In the rich calendar of events scheduled on the Amalfi Coast, we recommend the immersive Van Gogh exhibition in Salerno, to start the year with a dip in the art of the Dutch master.


Ancient and suggestive complex


The immersive exhibition of Van Gogh, open until February 23, 2020, was set up inside the monumental complex of Santa Sofia, in Piazza Abate Conforti, in the historic centre of Salerno. Such a location is already worth the visit, for the impalpable magic surrounding its spaces. In fact, you find yourself in the first Benedictine monastery dedicated to St. Sophia, built at the end of the tenth century and the original residence of the monks of the order. In 1592 the building was entrusted to the Jesuit Fathers for educational purposes, and, when the order was abolished in 1778, it passed into the hands of the Carmelites.

The building has been renovated in recent years, relieved by the state of abandonment in which it lay asleep. The Church of the Addolorata, built by the Jesuits, has a rectangular Latin cross with a transept and side chapels. The neoclassical style of the fa├žade and the bifurcated entrance staircase in two ramps give the structure a very particular physiognomy. Today the complex is a lively cultural centre and hosts exhibitions, events and contemporary art festival.

So, the perfect venue for a dip in Vincent Van Gogh’s inspiration.


The immersive exhibition

The exhibition dedicated to Van Gogh is a multi-sensory experience, a perfect synthesis between the pleasure of discovering the life of the artist and the total immersion in his works. The interior of the Santa Sofia complex reveals itself as a white canvas, ready to welcome colours, nuances, inspiration and passion. The walls change face, hosting videos and reproductions of the greatest works of the Flemish painter. An unusual vernissage dressed in his most loved colours, from the absolute blue of the starry night to the blinding yellow of sunflowers.

The exhibition visit follows three emotional paths, each determined by a specific period. The first part illustrates the figure of the artist, his studies, the search for a personal style; all portrayed in a gallery divided into ten different thematic areas of Van Gogh’s artistic youth.

The second part is a complete immersion in the sea of the painter. Moment after moment, all the lights go out, leaving only one work to bright, the focus of the artist’s maturity. The immersive experience envelops every corner, with the painting hovering from the frame and creeping into every space, accompanied by music and sounds.

The third part of the exhibition explores the “dark moments” of Van Gogh: in the last years of his life, the taciturn temperament and the shy character emerge, until now hidden behind the splendour of his masterpieces. Even in this phase, marked by alcohol and emotional changes, however, the artistic genius explodes, giving life to some of the best works of the entire production.

The immersive exhibition on Vincent Van Gogh is an experience that is worth doing: an event not to be missed in winter on the Amalfi Coast.