A dive in the art of ceramics on the Amalfi Coast

March 1, 2019

The Amalfi Coast has a maritime soul, the briny smell is a pleasant habit on the skin and in the hair for us, the aroma of fresh catch fills the air with good flavours.

The sea is a constant thought and a necessity of the heart for us living in these lands cradled by the waves.

Here sea and sun have always accompanied arts and crafts, our tourism and the birth craftsmanship. And some of most appreciated pieces of craftsmanship in the world are the artistic ceramics of the Amalfi Coast, produced right here.


The excellence of Vietri sul Mare


Fire, earth and skilful hands produced, throughout Italy, valuable ceramics of daily use and objects to decorate houses and gardens.

The Amalfi Coast, and in particular the areas of Vietri sul Mare and Positano, distinguished itself for artistic artefacts and unique pieces able to embellish living rooms and mise en place. From here, in ancient times, ceramics were exported to Sicily, Calabria and the entire Mediterranean.

The success of this craftsmanship derives from the configuration of the soil, rich in clay and volcanic material, both precious for the production of ceramics. To decorate our vases and dishes, we took inspiration from the paradise around us: the blue sea, the sparkling light and the red citrus. The Amalfi Coast is in fact the main subject of the artistic ceramics of Vietri sul Mare and Positano.

Just in Vietri sul Mare, housed in a tower inside the garden of Villa Guariglia, is the Museum of Vietri ceramics, inaugurated in 1981 with the aim of protecting and enhancing the local artistic heritage.


Positano and its colorful ceramics


Positano and its expert craftsmen were equally renowned in the panorama of the artistic ceramics of the Amalfi Coast. During the twentieth century, on the wave of the memories of English intellectuals and writers, Positano began to appear in the minds of international travellers as an idyllic place of peace.

Along with luxury tourism, local factories developed, producing unique souvenirs that filled the luggage of the guests. Now as then, some of the finest ceramics are produced in Positano, in small family-run or in larger companies with solid roots in tradition. Such as Ceramica Casola and Ceramica Assunta, born in Positano but renowned in the world, by virtue of their elegant ceramics.

Blue, yellow, green and white dance together on the surface of local artefacts, imitating the landscape that fascinated great men, women and even a king.