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Easter in Positano, rituals and flavours

April 3, 2019

Easter on the Amalfi Coast has always been considered as a liberation of the soul, a feast for the spirit and the body, after the sacrifices of Lent. Some rites have an origin lost in the mists of time, but the devotion of the locals is stronger every year.

Spending Easter holidays in Positano, for believers or not, is a rare opportunity to see closely both local and universal traditions. During Holy Week, between processions and prayers, you can also taste authentic delights for the palate. An element not to underestimate!


Easter rituals on the Amalfi Coast

On the Amalfi Coast there are many religious traditions related to the Holy Week: every village has its own and every year participates with the same devotion.

Throughout the region, the altars of the reposition of the cross are set up in the churches – the Sepulchres – and they are open to the faithful at the end of Holy Thursday mass. The installations in the village of Minori are the most evocative: following the tradition of “sawdust carpets”, some artists create real masterpieces of colorful sawdust on the floor of the Basilica of Santa Trofimena.

In all the towns of the Amalfi Coast takes place the ancient rite of battenti, that is men dressed in white tunics, who in a procession beat themselves as a sign of penitence. The tradition, which usually accompanies the Via Crucis, takes place with its own particularities in each village.

In Positano, the Good Friday ritual is called “schiodazione”: the Christ deposed from the cross is carried in procession through the town, from the church of Santa Maria Assunta through the alleys lit by torches. In Atrani, on the Holy Thursday the battenti move in a procession that, escorted only by torches, reaches Amalfi.

On Easter Sunday, each people of the Amalfi Coast celebrates the resurrection with rituals and songs, before joining families and friends for a great lunch.


The Easter delicacies

Easter is perhaps the feast that best celebrates the pleasures of the palate, after the resolutions made during Lent. After 40 days of renunciation, in which meat and sweets should be strongly limited according to Christian doctrine, the Easter tables are a feast for eyes and mouth.

Among the unmissable delights, there are local sausages, seasonal vegetables cooked in various ways (chicory, fava beans, broccoli), savoury pies and substantial first courses. The pasta al forno is enriched with eggs, salami and mozzarella, the macaroni are dressed with beef or goat ragout. Tortano and casatiello are the main characters between the salty options on the table, being almost unique dishes with succulent ingredients.

To end the Easter banquets on the Amalfi Coast in the best way you can taste the sweet casatiello and the fragrant pastiera, with all the aroma of our citrus fruit. Without forgetting the liqueurs of Campania and the limoncello, the best digestive for every lunch.