A tour by car in the Amalfi Coast

November 1, 2019

The Amalfi Coast is like of a diadem of precious stones: villages set in time, pristine bays, ancient churches and kilometres of blue sea follow each other like gems in a necklace. To get amazed by so much splendour, a road trip is often the best solution.

Whether you drive your car or rent one in a local rental, a tour by car in the Amalfi Coast is an exciting vacation, the more memorable the more kilometres you traverse. Then fasten your seat belts, we guide you through the treasures of our land.


Departure from Vietri sul Mare


If you decide to start your road trip from Salerno, your first stop must definitely be Vietri sul Mare, a characteristic village that is the guardian of a craftsmanship from another time. This is the home of ceramics, displayed on monuments and squares, chiselled with passion by the many craft shops scattered in the enchanted alleys. The most surprising thing is the uniqueness of the artefacts coming out of the forges: each artisan has his own style, a recognizable touch in shapes and colours. However, there is constant truth: every Vietrese pottery borders on masterpiece.


A stop in Minori and Maiori


Then head to two ideal locations to detoxify from stress and free your mind: Maiori and Minori, declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites and still untouched from the crowds of tourists. In Minori visit the Villa Marittima Romana, dating back to the 1st century AD and cradle of evocative frescoes and mosaics, and the Basilica di S. Trofimena, with a tripartite facade facing the enchanting sea.

Maiori stands out for a singular primacy: here you find the largest beach of the whole Amalfi Coast, later you will only come across silent coves and small beaches. In short, a walk along the Maiori’s beach is a luxury you should definitely enjoy.


Amalfi and Positano, the end of the journey


Amalfi, glorious Maritime Republic and mother of endless legends, with its charm still fascinates travellers from all over the world. And the reasons are all there! From the solemn Cathedral in Sicilian Arab style to the Paper Museum – an ancient tradition in Amalfi – from Vallone delle Ferriere to the colourful little shops of the centre: walking in the town satisfies every desire. Intoxicate yourself with the intense aromas of lemons, enjoy the delizie al limone – very tasty lemon-based desserts – and buy the liqueur produced with the the local variety of the yellow fruit, called sfusato amalfitano. For an unforgettable dive inside the local lemon groves, take part in a special lemon tour organized by the Amalfi Lemon Experience: you will always take a little bit of Amalfi Coast with you, even when you get home, thousands of miles away.

From Amalfi drive to Positano, a beautiful vertical village overlooking the Amalfi Coast. Heir of a mythological tradition associating its profile to a mermaid lying on the coast, Positano combines an uncontaminated natural heritage with breath-taking attractions. Among these, the majolica dome of Santa Maria Assunta, created with iridescent tiles changing colour according to the light, is the true symbol of the city.

If you love sun and salty water on your skin, relax on the Spiaggia Grande, the largest, in Fornillo and in the other beaches all to visit in Positano.

Take all the time you need to fall in love with this corner of sea view Paradise: lose yourself in the alleys crowned with bougainvillea, enjoy the scents of fresh fish and the genuine smiles of Positano people.


End your tour on the road on the Amalfi Coast with an unforgettable stay in the room that Gioacchino Murat used to love: Palazzo Murat is happy to welcome you.