Christmas gluttonies and winter delicacies on the Amalfi Coast

December 2, 2019

The most austere season of the year steals nothing from the charm of our land: the Amalfi Coast in winter is a sweet cradle where to rock to the sound of the waves.

The sea wind gently sweeps the beaches of Positano and the ancient fishing villages, turn them in silent temples.

But a few steps from the rocks and the waves, life is stirring due to the arrival of one of the most awaited periods over the twelve months: Christmas and New Year’s holidays. And it is on these days, among illuminated windows, decorated alleys and nativity scenes set up in churches, that we celebrate also sit at a table, with delicacies worthy of a king.


Desserts from Campania


The Amalfi Coast, as well as the whole Campania, is distinguished by the variety and richness of flavours of typical sweets, which reach the apotheosis in Christmas time.

The colder temperatures and the temporary absence of the sun invite you to take refuge in your own homes to enjoy cakes and biscuits in a warm and familiar atmosphere, an atmosphere that fully characterizes the Christmas holidays.

The desserts of the Amalfi Coast satisfy every palate, with more or less sugary gradations and many different aromas. They range from strufoli – balls of fried dough tied together by local honey – to mostaccioli – large turbot-shaped biscuits dipped in a chocolate cream – up to susamielli – s-shaped and mixed with liquid honey.

A specialty encompassing all the essence of the Mediterranean is the roccocò, with ancient and intense flavours. It is a sort of spice donut, where nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper give off precious aromas. Christmas in Positano is also synonymous with tradition: a delicacy that never fails on dinner tables and in local markets is nougat, crunchy or soft. However irresistible at the first bite.


In praise of chocolate


In winter, what is more inviting than a cup of steaming hot chocolate, to sip in the home warmth or in the arms of the one you love? This is why chocolate, in all its forms, is the undisputed star of the Christmas holidays.

In this period the pastry shops are crowded with cocoa-based delicacies, so that some shops have specialized precisely in such preparations. In Amalfi, in the central Piazza Municipio, there is a real chocolate sanctuary, founded by Andrea Pansa, now in the fifth generation of pastry chefs. Here you can buy covered citrus peels, hand-wrapped chocolates and lots of handmade pralines.

Positano is proud of its chocolate too: the address to mark on the diary is La Zagara, in via dei Mulini. The location itself is extremely romantic: the terraces populated with citrus fruits and lemons are a real daydream. Here you must absolutely try the house specialty: the Zagara cake made with chocolate and tangerines in syrup. A delight that you will not easily forget.